Friday, August 7, 2015

Week Two at the Missionary Training Center

Elder Colton (Kevin) with his Australian Companion

Elder Colton (Kevin) with his Australian Companion in front of the Provo Temple

Elder Colton (Kevin) with his district (squad)

Hello Family and Friends!

Honestly, life here is pretty great. The majority of missionaries here are incredible people that truly want to serve the Lord. I've made some incredible friends that I hope to be friends with for life.

Stories/Notes from the week:
-My companion, as an Australian, says a lot of things very differently than most Americans. I have way too much fun messing with him for "not speaking English." Here are some of our differences:
  1. He calls a napkin a "serviette"
  2. He calls sandals "thongs" ("Hey Elder Colton, think it's alright if I wear thongs around the MTC?" That was when I learned "thongs" were sandals...)
  3. He says "How are you going?" rather than "How are you doing?"
  4. He says "Dob in on someone" instead of "Snitch on someone"
  5. He says "ta" or "cheers" for thank-you
  6. He doesn't say his R's (wuda for water)
  7. He says "bubbler" for drinking fountain.
  8. And he calls cotton candy "Fairy floss"
  9. That's about the extent of our disagreements though...he is the man.
-(Mom, feel free to take this out if you don't think it's appropriate) After hearing I was from Georgia, someone asked me, "Is it weird seeing so many white people here?" I honestly wasn't sure how to respond.

-We have the opportunity to hear from some incredible speakers here! This past week, Sherri Dew spoke to us on Tuesday and President Russel M. Nelson spoke to us on Sunday (If you have no idea who any of these people are, that's okay. Just know they are awesome people). Both were incredible speakers with powerful, thought-out testimonies of Christ. Sherri Dew is one of my new favorites Mormon leaders. If the rest of her books and talks are anything like the one she gave to us, I highly recommend looking into that (more so for the Mormons who get these emails, but others feel free as well). My big takeaway from her was that it is okay for us to not understand everything about the teachings of Christ. When we have those questions, it is okay for us to "wrestle" with the Lord and do everything we can to figure it out. Sometimes we will, sometimes we won't.

-Japanese: Well, Japanese is certainly no Chinese. My four years of Mandarin hasn't helped me as much as I hoped it will once we get into Kanji (basically, Chinese characters in Japanese), but not yet. That being said, it's pretty cool to look back and see how much Japanese I've learned over the past two weeks. I know the man upstairs has helped me with that one.

Love and miss all of you! Thanks for those who have written me so far. I'm trying my best to get back to you.

For those feeling a bit down about life and looking for some answers:

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