Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween in Japan

Konnichi wa Kazoku to Tomodachi!

This week was awesome!! We found a few more Nihonjin interested in the Gospel and had a two incredibly fun experiences the branch (congregation)!

Notes on the Week
  • Halloween in Japan: If it wasn't for the Halloween party that our congregation put on, October 31 would have seemed like any other day for me in here Japan. It's expanding here, but except for a few decorations in stores, we didn't see too much of it. But, the Halloween party was 素晴らしかった(awesome)! Highlights were the costume contest and the food (the food is always a highlight at these things). See the picture more about the costumes. As for the food, they had two tables full of food and gave everyone a plate and chop sticks. Everyone then just dives in. 好きですよ。
  • Mikan Gari! This was pretty much heaven on earth. Today for preparation day we went to a Mikan Gari with some members from the branch. Mikan means orange/clementine and gari means "to cut." In other words, we paid 4 bucks to cut off as many oranges as we could eat from a giant orchard. I probably had around 30 or so.
  • A Lesson in Japanese: Like I've been saying, Japanese has three alphabets: Kanji (Chinese characters), Hiragana (basic native Japanese words), and Katakana (foreign words adopted into Japanese). This week I'll talk a bit about Kanji! I took Chinese for a few years in high school and college, so I recognize a decent amount of characters. The Japanese and Chinese meanings are the same, but pronunciation is typically completely different. The sentence example last week was "I am a missionary." It would actually be written as. "私は宣教師です," or "watashi wa senkyoshi desu." Fun stuff

Video and Spiritual Thought/Invitation for the Week

This is all combined into one for this week and applies to everyone. 

Here is a link to a number of videos about gratitude. 

I invite you to watch or two videos and then write down the 10 things in your life you are most grateful for. Yes, an actual list. It could even be on your phone. Put that list somewhere easily accessible. Then, when a bad day comes along (we all have them), find that list and read it. 

Pictures for the Week

1. The Halloween Party: This was taken at the ward Halloween party. These are two of the college age people in the branch who help us out with lessons all the time. Studs. 

2. Scouting in Japan: At the Mikan Gari today, we ran into some local Japanese scouts. A few years ago at the Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia, I traded one of my scout shirts with a Japanese scout that was there. I was cool to see that shirt being worn here in Japan! Yes, I was a Boy Scout. And yes, I think scouting is cool.

3. Sledding??: I learned today that here in Japan, sledding is a year round activity. On a hill at the orchard, there were kids sledding down grass. It actually looked liked tons of fun. We had some kids from the branch there with us, so they got to show off there skills.


I love you all!!!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton

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