Monday, November 9, 2015

One transfer down, Fifteen to go

Konnichi wa Kazoku to Tomodachi!

One transfer down (6 week period), fifteen to go! Time is flying by and I am loving it here in Japan. I love the people, language, and culture here! Quite different from America, but incredible.

Notes on the Week
  • Junkai: As missionaries, we go on a few companion exchanges each transfer, meaning for 24 hours, we go with a different companion than our own. The goal is to learn knew ways to do things and how to improve, typically from more experienced missionaries. Well, this past week I spend a day with another 1st transfer missionary, Tschirki Choro. I got to know him well at the MTC and he lives with my in my apartment, but this was our first time as companions. He had some Japanese experience in high school, but both of us are relatively at the same point, which isn't very fluent. But, with faith, we set up big goals for the day! Long story short, it rocked. We taught a 45 minute lesson about Jesus to one of our investigators (with a member's help) and had another 16 short lessons throughout the day with people we met. I realized that the Gospel and love transcends beyond any language or culture. Super cool experience.
  • Eikaiwa (english class/conversation): Eikaiwa rocked again! This week's highlight was the Hoki Poki! We had only adults in their this week, but they all loved it!
  • Investigators: As missionaries, we refer to the people we are teaching as "investigators." So, I'll talk about some of the people we are teaching (Just last names).
            *Uehara San- He is a college student who is actually studying English. We found him while knocking doors a two weeks ago and although he had never really thought about God much, he agreed to meet again. At this point, we've had two lessons with him and have two more planned for this week. We also came to church this past Sunday! He originally he said he could only stay for the first hour, but ended up staying for all three as well as a YSA (young single adult) meal afterwords! We actually barely talked to him during church because the college age members were with him the entire time. The members here are incredible!
            *Tanaka San (Mr. Tanaka, somewhere in his 60s)- We started teaching Tanaka San my first day here. Since, we've met with him 2-3 times a week, almost always with another member. He has a goal to be baptized in a few weeks and is progressing well!
            *Nishimura San (also somewhere in his 60s)- Nishimura San is a stud. He rocks a pony-tail and lights to dress to his own style. We've taught him a few times and he has come to church a few times. Some of my favorite times of the day are calling him on the phone and trying to figure out what he is saying. We always just end up laughing at each other trying to figure out what the other person is saying. Last conversation, he decided that since I couldn't really understand his Japanese, to make it fair, I could only speak in English. Let's just say he doesn't really understand English that well. Lot's of laughter ensued.

Video and Spiritual Thought/Invitation for the Week
Two videos and a thought for this week. One on finding peace amongst the craziness of life, the other about Christ. 

So, finding peace amongst crazy busy schedules. I'm only 20 so I don't think I really know what busy means yet, but this video is pretty incredible. The invitation is to watch it, and then to write down 10 good things that happened last week. Also, all the invitations that I ever give on here I always do myself, so I only give them if I think they will help. Here is the link:

Pictures for the Week
1. Soccer: This past preparation day we played soccer with some of the members and their friends! Three of them were investigators and the rest will hopefully soon turn into investigators! I was the one who took the picture, so I'm not it it.

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2. District Pizza Party! Every week, we have a district meeting (6 or so missionaries) where we talk about the people we are teaching and share ideas on how to improve. After, we always go out to eat somewhere. Often, it's at a sushi restaurant where endless sushi comes around on a conveyor belt. Sadly, I'm a poor missionary, but I always spend a decent amount of my weekly budget here :) 

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I love you all!!!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton

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