Monday, December 7, 2015

It's almost Christmas!!

Konnichi wa Kazoku to Tomodachi!

It's almost Christmas!! Christmas is hands down my favorite part of the year. Despite the weather turning drearier, love and celebration fill the air! I love it! See attached picture for the Shimonoseki district Christmas card picture (Picture 1).

Notes on the Week
  • An Unexpected Visit from KaichoOn Saturday night we received an unexpected phone call from our mission president who said he'd probably be coming to our church the next day. He lives about two hours south of us, but he tries to visit a different congregation each Sunday. Anyways, I've never seen the branch so excited (well, except after a baptism). As soon as he and his wife pulled into the parking lot before church started, a greeting party of 5 or so members ran out to the parking lot to greet him and his wife. During sacrament meeting (the main meeting of our church), he and his wife spoke at the end. Despite her very limited Japanese, she bore one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever heard. He served a mission hear back in the day, so he is relatively fluent, but also shared a powerful testimony of Christ and this work. I got to talk to him for most of the last hour of church. He is incredible!
  • The Institute Investigator: This week we started teaching Tanaka San (a different one than previously mentioned). She is a college student who has been coming to institute (a young adult Mormon study class) every week for the past year or so. The institute teacher invited us to come to institute a few weeks ago to start getting to know her. She is super into music so we jammed out after (piano, flute and singing) for a few weeks. Well this past week we met with her for the first time outside of institute and are meeting with her again tonightat a members house! Miracles!
Video and Spiritual Thought/Invitation for the Week
This thought for this week is on Christmas! Every year, my church comes out with a Christmas video. This year's is kids around the world telling the story of Christ from the Bible.

My  invitation is simple: please watch it and send the link to two friends who you think would like it. 

The video is at

Pictures for the Week


Picture 2.  P-day at the aquarium. Like I've said before, every Monday from 10am to 6pm we have preparation day where we do laundry and shop and email. This past week we also had time to go to the aquarium downtown with our district!!!

Picture 3. Christmas decorations in the church! This past week the members put up some decorations in the church. For those who don't know, my Mom collects nativities. This picture is for you, Mom!

I love you all!!!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton

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