Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Konnichi wa Kazoku to Tomodachi!

Incredible week! Time is flying by. Last week I hit my four month mark!

Notes on the Week
  • Tanaka Kyodai's Baptism: Tanaka Kyodai was baptized this past Saturday! We've been teaching him a few times a week since I got here, so I've learned to love the heck out of him. Here is part of my journal entry from this past Saturday:  "Tanaka Kyodai was baptized today! ... About 25 branch members showed up for it. So supportive!! Watching Tanaka Kyodai's life brighten up as he's learned the Gospel has been incredible. Tonight was the happiest I've ever seen him. At the end, with a smile on his face, he said it feels like his birthday. In a sense it was. 28NOV2015 will always be his birthday into his spiritual new life. Today, he was born again. ... Between watching the Spirit flow into Fukatani Shimai's life since her baptism and seeing the genuine joy on Tanaka Kyodai's face after the baptism, my testimony has been strengthened. ... My faith has increased as the light of Christ has lit up the lives of Tanaka Hiroshi and Fukatani Sumire. I love this work!" 
  • The Professional Primary Program!  I have a new found respect for the primary age members in Japan (kids ages 3-11)! Once a year or so, the primaries around the world are in charge of our main meeting in church and put on a program that lasts about 45 minutes. I participated in countless programs as a kid and loved them. They consist of short speaking parts and lots of songs. In most congregations in America, the primaries are big enough where each kid only says one or two parts, often either a sentence or a short story. Well, the primary here consists of only four children. Thus, each had 15 or so parts and a few solos throughout!! Most of the parts were memorized!!! So impressive!!!
Video and Spiritual Thought/Invitation for the Week
This week is on something we can all do better, love. The video is of a young girl who exemplifies how to emulate Christ-like love to all. The invitation is to 1) watch the video, and then 2) continue the invitation from last week: forgiveness. None of us are perfect. Everyone wants to be and deserves to be loved. Forgive and love kudasai! 

Pictures for the Week (We're still working on getting picture again. They haven't been coming through recently)
1. Tanaka San's baptism!

2.  Elder Tshirki's birthday! 
* One of my apartment-mates turned 19 this week! I've known him since day 1 at the MTC, so we've gotten pretty close. Decorations from Mama Colton (my Mom).

I love you all!!!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton

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