Monday, January 11, 2016

Almost six months...


My 6th month mark is in 11 days! Somehow I'm almost a fourth of the way done with my mission. Well, I should say the Lord's mission. One of the main things I've been trying to learn on the mission is to forget myself and lose myself in the work. It's rather difficult when I can't really speak Japanese, but my trainer, Elder Madsen, was at the level of humility that I hope to be close to by the end of my mission. Nothing was about him. Everything he did was to either help me, other missionaries, the congregation, or our investigators. 

Notes on the Week
  • The Important Part of Why I am Here: Without going into too much detail, I'll explain some of the investigators we are working with. 
  • First, Muraishi San (村石さん). He is a 60 or so year old electrician by profession who loves the idea of God and Christ. Like most people we talk to, he has had no background with Christianity, so everything is new for him. He especially loves the idea of all his guilt being washed away through baptism. He is slowly learning how to use the power of Jesus Christ's atonement in his life.
  • Murata San (村田さん). Murata San is a 40 or so year old Nihonjin who has always believed in a God. He has never really known why, but the idea of a God just simply makes sense to him. For some reason, he loves to read Isaiah's writings from the Bible and Book of Mormon (Typically very difficult for most people to read and understand. Including me.). He will do just about anything to feel the Spirit and draw closer to God. 
Video and Invitation for the Week
Over the past few years, my church has come out with a number of "I'm a Mormon" videos that share some of the lives of members of our church. Most are pretty incredible. The video for this week is a story of an inspiration mother. The invitation is to watch it, and then watch another that applies to you. 

Pictures for the Week
1. Tabehodai! This past P-Day we went to an all you can eat restaurant and got waaaaaay to much steak. So delicious. We had 100 minutes to order as much food as we wanted. And yes, that is a grill in the center that you cook your meet on.  [Note from the editor ... this picture did not come through in Elder Colton's email.]

2. Lesson with Tanaka Kyodai. This past week we had a lesson with a recent convert on faith and repentance. We used this scratch pad for an example. He doesn't look too happy in the picture, but he enjoyed the lesson (I think).  [Note from the editor ... this picture did not come through in Elder Colton's email.]

3. Eating blowfish! this past week one of the members took us out to eat Blowfish at a restaurant far nicer than we deserve! But, it was so, so very tasty. 

I love you all!!!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton

Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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