Monday, March 7, 2016

Farewell, Shimonoseki. Hello, Saijo!!!

Herro!!! (How Japanese kids say hello because there is no "L" sound in Japanese),

Today was transfer calls!!! After 7 months living in the same place with Elder Tschirki (MTC and Shimonoseki apartment), we are being separated :( . I am going up north to a place called Saijo in Hiroshima and he is going south to a tiny island called Naha. The Saijo congregation has been exploding over the past year so it should be an incredible experience!!! My new companion is a young missionary like me so it'll be a good test for our Japanese :)

Notes on the Week
  • The Jam Sesh ROUND 2 with the 88 year old Japanese guy who lived in New Orleans: We visited the 88 year old Japanese guy and his wife again this week. They let us in and talked with us for awhile. They are so incredible!!! We talked about everything from music to the Christian church they go to here in Japan. They performed "Amazing Grace" and a song about San Francisco for us this time. See video below.
  • English conversation!!!: Every so often some random stranger comes up to us and starts talking to us in English. This past week while we were fixing my companion's bike on a sidewalk, some random awesome Japanese lady stopped and started talking to us. Her English was super fly, especially since she had an Australian accent :) She's traveled the world (been to Italy 15 times) and simply loves people. We talked with her about Japan, travel, God, and who knows what else. There are so many simply good people in this world.
  • Walking herself into the baptismal font (continued): Our investigator Ishizawa San (see picture below) still wants to be baptized next Saturday!!! We ate dinner with her at a member's house last week. She is so incredible!!! I probably won't be here sadly, but I'm excited to see her life continue to light up as she recognizes God in her life.

Video and Invitation for the Week
The video for this week is a bit on the serious side. I might have shared it before, but it rocks. It's called "Mountains to Climb." The gist is that life is hard, but we can find joy and overcome our difficulties through Christ. Christian or not, please watch it and send to a FAMILY MEMBER whom you think it could make smile :)

Pictures for the Week.
1. The district this past transfer!!! They are all rapping the "God" sign. I was a bit sick that day, hence the mask. Everyone hear wears those masks when they are even slightly sick. 

2. My zone leader, Takaya Choro!

3. An activity we had with some of the YSA (young single adults) in the branch. We went out and visited some of the members who haven't come to church in awhile. Tons of fun! My companion, one of the YSA girls, and myself visited a 65 or so year old less active who is simply incredible!

4. Dinner at the Fujinaka family with Ishizawa San!!! Ishizawa San is the girl in the center.

5. Shoudou!!! Muraishi San (the stud who was baptized a few weeks ago) made this for me since I am transferring. It says "Kami no ai," or "The love of God."

6. Video from the jamsesh!!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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