Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jammin' with Old People

Konnichi wa!

Incredible week!!! Lots of music, which always makes it a good week.

Notes on the Week
  • The Jam Sesh with the 88 year old Japanese guy who lived in New Orleans: My companion decided to get sick this past week, so I went out with Tschirki Choro (The red head I've been with everyday since July 22, 2015) for some of it. While we were housing, we saw this extremely sweet house (see pictures below) and tried to discretely take a picture. Right as we did, a car pulled up and we heard a, "Hey, that's my house." The car then parked, and a tiny little Japanese man wearing purple pants and pink shirt hopped out. He started talking to us in pretty good English and told us he was 88 and lived in New Orleans 10 year ago as a jazz musician. He then asked if we could play piano, followed by an invitation into his house to jam out with him. His house was covered with all sorts of everything, ranging from giant statues of David to of pictures of him and his wife all over the world to tons of instruments. He brought us upstairs, where his wife was teaching a voice lesson (see pictures). Long story short, we got to watch some of the lesson, watch a performance of "Amazing Grace" by him and his wife, and talk some about Christ (they had pictures of Christ up as well). As you can see in one of the pictures, it was simply amazing. 
  • The Performance at the retirement center: This past week we got to perform again at a retirement center!! The four of us performed for about 30 minutes, singing some church songs, "Hey Soul Sister," "In the Jungle," and a Japanese song called "The Only Flower in the World." Lotti Choro has the voice of an angel so it was a blast. Our branch president (Ieader of the Shimonoski congregation also performed with one of his friends). See videos and pictures below for more.
  • Walking herself into the baptismal font: Sometimes as missionaries, we find people who are willing and ready to follow Christ, they just need to know where to go. Around the first week of this transfer, Elder Mismash and I found a lady who was a friend of a recent convert, Tanaka San. She said that he always tells her he goes to church every week, so she genuinely got curious. We found her while housing, and she immediately had interest and said she wanted to come to church! Well, she's come to church three times now and wants to get baptized in a few weeks. Miracles!

Video and Invitation for the Week
The video for this week is the youth theme song from 2014 that my church created. It's centered on how in our hardest times in life, we can all turn to and "Come Unto Christ." Christian or not, please watch is and show it/send the link to someone who you think it would help!

Pictures for the Week.
Lots of pictures for this week!
1. Picture from the mission conference a last week (this is about a third of the mission)

2-5. Pictures from the coolest man in the world's house. See story above for more info. He and his wife were pretty much professional musicians that lived in New Orleans.

6-7. The performance at the retirement home (guy on right is the leader of our congregation).
Video 1- The wife and husband performing amazing grace. 

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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