Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easter Party


Missionary life is interesting. You spend all your time simply trying to help others by inviting them to come unto Christ. Living in a country where the image of Christianity, and really any religion, is not good, most people we talk to want absolutely nothing to do with us the second they find out we have anything to do with Christianity and religion. This, rejection is the norm for us. That being said, the few we do meet that are willing to give God a chance make these entire two years worth it. God loves us all individually, thus missionary work is all for the individual, and individual family, as well. Sometimes that individual we are trying to help is a 65 year old single, Japanese man who has spent his entire life wondering the purpose of life; sometimes it is a 29 year old Vietnamese man who has a 6 figure job, everything going for them in life, and is trying to figure out why he is still unhappy; and sometimes it is even other missionaries we serve with that are questioning why missionary life is so dang hard. No matter the case, I love it. Truthfully, I think we are all a bit lost in life. Some people are just a bit further on the maze than others.

Notes/Stories from the Week
  • Kodama San: Kodama San (see last week at is continuing to progress! He came to church again yesterday and loved it. Next week he has the opportunity to watch modern day prophets and apostles speak to us as we watch General Conference (For non-Mormons reading this, see for more of what I mean. I know saying we have a prophet like Moses on the earth today is a bold claim). Kodama San is a very smart, older Japanese man who simply loves the members of the church he has met so far and wants to continue to learn more about Jesus Cnrist. He's a stud.
  • Week long zone party: Missions are split up similar to West Point and parts of the army. Missionary districts are like squads (6 to 10 people) and zones are like platoons (20-30 people). Well, this week we had tons of zone activities. Monday was zone P-Day in Miyajima! Look it up online or see pictures below for more. Tons of fun. Friday was zone conference with the assistants of the mission and our mission president! They have been touring the mission for the past two weeks giving trainings to all 9 zones. This was actually the most I've gotten from a training yet. My big take away (more of a life than simply the mission), was to stop worrying about the future and make sure I'm giving every day my 100%. Throughout the conference, our mission president pretty much told his life story. He's a stud (Look up Brad Egan, Lagoon Amusement park). One of the most down to earth, yet filled with energy people I know. After zone conference I stayed in Hiroshima and spent a day with one of my zone leaders (see pictures below). Tons of fun.
  • Easter Party!!: this past Monday night we had an Easter party at the church! Tooooons of fun. We had about 10 non-members of the church come and learn a bit more about the real meaning of Easter while having a blast. We had a cookie decorating activity, Easter egg hunt, and a few games. Easter isn't really a thing here, so it was the first time most of them had done an Easter egg hunt!

Video and Invitation for the Week
This past week was General conference in the states! Basically, it is a biannual conference for my church where the leaders speak to us and give us pretty much modern scripture. I invite you all the check out the link below. It is summaries of the talks. Please then pick a talk that looks interesting and read it!

Pictures for the Week.
1.  Lots this week! Easter party, going away party for Xie (Chinese member), Hiroshima zone leaders, breakfast with some Americans, Sakura!

2. Other set of pictures was zone Pday!

3. Video of Easter party

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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