Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm Safe!


As missionaries, we have just two short years to give it our all. While days can certainly be rough, weeks and months always fly by. Just this week Ashton Greenburg, one of my best friends since kindergarten, just finished his mission in Mexico!!! I still vividly remember jumping out my chair with him as we sang, "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" as rambunctious primary kids. It's incredible to now think of him as a "returned missionary." Well done, Ashton, proud of you brotha :)

Also, just got transfer calls and I'm staying! Sadly, Sherrill Choro is leaving, but I'm getting a Japanese companion! I'm pumped!

Anyways, awesome, very Japanese week!

Notes/Stories from the Week
  • The Earthquake: As most of you know, there was a pretty severe series of earthquakes in Japan this week. Up in Saijo, we felt it around 1:30 in the morning, but we're perfectly fine. Apparently it did some pretty severe damage to some of the missionaries apartments further south, but everyone in the mission is safe. Because we have very limited access to the news as missionaries, you all honestly probably know more about it than me. Please pray for all affected!
  • A family sent from Heaven!: The current congregation I am serving in just became a congregation a few years ago. As such, it has it's fair share of struggles. They have seen incredible miracles with tons of baptisms over the past two years, but until recently had no 100% active, solid family. This past week a family moved in!!! They have three adorable kids and make church much more enjoyable (and a bit more noisy). We had a welcome party for them this past Sunday! See pictures.
  • Playing the Koto!: As most of you know, one of my passions in life is music of all kinds. Well that passion has only continued in Japan. This past week, one of the English class students invited the missionaries over to her house for some Koto lessons!! If you don't know what a Koto is, look it up! They rock. She taught us the basics and performed some for us. As she was playing I closed my eyes and felt a small glimpse of what I picture Heaven to be like. Good times.
  • Fun small parts of the week:
  •     Meeting a French guy studying at a nearby college. We are meeting with him again on Saturday.
  •     Pointing to a Japanese sister missionary's hair and asking, "kitanai?" meaning, "dirty?" I meant to ask, "Kiranakatta??" meaning, "did you not cut your hair?"     She just laughed at my failed attempt.
  •     The next day I thanked that same missionary for her strong "okashi," rather than "Akashi." The first means candy, and the second means testimony. Gotta         love Japanese!

Video and Invitation for the Week
The invitation for this week is the same one as 6 months ago! The website below is a link of small quotes given from this past General Conference. The invitation is simple, Mormon or not, please 1) visit the website, 2) pick a quote/video that you like, 3) post the link on Facebook or some other social media website. 

Pictures for the Week.
1. Bowling with the district!

2. Something we made to help one of our investigators quit smoking. There are inspirational scriptures on the bottom of each stick. Credit for that idea goes to my companion, Elder Sherrill!

3. One of the members decorating our mailbox!

4. Party for the new family in the branch!

5. 2 missionaries getting bored at night.

6. Playing the Koto!

7. Video playing the Koto!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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