Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oh The People You Meet


Happy Mothers' Day!!! Another quick shout out to Jeri Lynn Cash Colton! If there was a competition for best mother, she'd get my vote! Thanks as well to all the other motherly figures in my life! Especially my incredible Grandma and Grammie! They are incredible examples of devoting a life to family and God. Thank you both for all your love, support, and encouragement through the years!

Anyways, pretty fantastic week with LOTS of interesting people. 

Notes/Stories from the Week
One in a Million: There are just some interesting people in this world. This week we had an opportunity to meet a few of them.
  • The Brilliant Muslim from a War-Torn Middle Eastern Country: I'll leave out the specifics on purpose, but we are currently meeting with a Ph.D. student at the nearby university who is a very well-educated, truly incredible person from a war torn country in the middle east. He is a firm believer in Islam and has a deep love and passion for the Koran. I have loved talking to him (in English!) and sharing our beliefs with each other. He is on a life long pursuit of happiness and finding "pure religion." He has explained to us in depth the teachings of Islam as well as many entries from the Koran. Truly a beautiful, peaceful religion that, at large, the world and media has made a mockery of.
  • The German Physicist: Wow, what a guy. We met him streeting by Hiroshima University and talked to him for 30 or so minutes. He is from Germany but his English is better than mine! Long story short, he is a self-declared athiest that has spent his life searching for the possibility of a God; a physics fanatic who has come to the conclusion there is no logic, or science in religion, only feeling; and a passionate thinker that at this point has accepted that if their is a God, this God is a person/power that he simply doesn't like.
  • The Man who "failed with God": While streeting we met a Chinese man who had met with the missionaries in the past, but claimed that he had "failed." He wanted to believe in God but claimed his twisted upbringing made it impossible for him to feel God's love. Quite sad actually.
  • The Anti-America American: This guy was a English teacher here in Japan who has a fierce hatred for America, specifically what he considers American self-entitlement. He has been in Japan for a few months now and hopes to never return back to the states. 
Video and Invitation for the Week
As a child of a kind and loving Heavenly Father, I am a firm believer that He reaches out to us if we let Him. Sometimes in dramatic ways, but often in small, simple ways. This past Sunday before my companion and I left for church, a thought crosses my mind to bring some English class flyers to church. It didn't make sense why, but I went ahead and grabbed some. Sure enough, at church one of the members randomly asked me if I had any English flyers on me. Sure, you can call that a coincidence if you want, but I had never brought English flyers to church and no one at church has ever asked me for one. To me, the simply explanation is that God reaches out to us through the Holy Ghost. 

Whether Mormon or not, these are videos worth watching. They will give you a much better perspective on our perspective on our relationship with God.

1) Can't find the link, but it's the first part to the two videos below. 

Pictures for the Week.
Just three for this week: 
1) Okonomiyaki at the Hiroshima train station after interviews with the mission president! 

2) The day after interviews, our mission president and his wife came to our branch for church! 

3) Elder Hirose and I!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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