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Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating the Fourth of July in another country just feels strange...except for a few people I've seen wearing American shirts, it's just a normal day over here in non-America. Please send me pictures of whatever y'all did for the fourth!!!

Today we have a zone P-day to celebrate the fourth, so this will be a bit short. Overall, fantastic week! GOOOLDEENNN WEEK!!! See below. In addition to that, my companion has a brilliant way of goal setting that has changed my mission. Maybe I'm a bit late on the bus (is that a saying?), but it's incredible how much keeping your goals in front of you can motivate you throughout the week! Goals as in the amount of people we talk to each day, lessons per week, Book of Mormon's passed out each day, etc. We saw miracles this week!

Notes/Stories from the Week
  • Golden WEEEEKK!!!!
    • Golden Week is a holiday in Japan where over the course of a few days that have a bunch of holidays where school and work is off. We took that idea this transfer and had a Golden Week as a zone!!! It was incredible!!! The zone got wayyy into it. We had points for each day based off how many items each companionship did. Today for zone Pday we have some AMerican prizes for the winners!!!
      • Monday- Fun list- do as many of the items of the "fun ways to do missionary work" list. Things like push ups contests with people and doing a magic trick to a stranger on the street.
      • Tuesday- Serve your companion day! Do as many things on the "Ways to serve your companion" list we made. Things like compliment your companion every hour and iron their shirt!
      • WEdnesday- chirashi (flyer) day. We have a flyer we always pass out with about 20 questions in Japanese that most missionaries don't actually know what they say. This day's goal was to ask every question at least once throughout the day!!!
      • Thursday- SMILE DAY!!! Simpl count the number of people you can make smile through the day. The winning companionship counted 325 smiles!!!
      • Friday- Miracle day!!!! Each companionship (8 total) sent at least two 1 minute voice recordings of miracles they saw throughout the day. TONS of fun.
      • Saturday- Serve your community day!!! Simply go out and do some good ol' service. My companion and I helped these people outside our apartment load up a ridiculous amount of newspaper into a trash truck.
      • Sunday- Spiritual planning day! Simply focus on using God's guidance in I planning for the day, and then looking for God's guidance throughout the day.

Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
We met the most genki, friendly Japanese couple ever this week! We were going door to door on a big apartment complex when we found them. After we knocked, this suteki (look that up) Japanese guy with a goatee pops out and says in English, "What a moment." He then goes back in, comes back out, then invites us in! They both have way good English despite never living outside of Japan. She has a Protestant background and he went to a Catholic high school. 

Overall, they were fascinated by our message!! We stayed for 40 or so minutes and taught all of what we call "Lesson 1." We explained how after centuries of being lost, the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth by our loving Heavenly Father through a living prophet. We also explained how The Book of Mormon is evidence of this, and that they can read it ponder the message, and find out for themselves if it is true simply by asking our loving Heavenly Father. They loved it and actually asked for a Book of Mormon. We are going back on Friday for a meal and a lesson. Of course it was the last door we planned on knocking in that one area. Miracles!!

Video and Invitation for the Week
Instead of a video this week, below is a link to ton's of inspirational quotes from inspirational leaders. Please find a quote you like and share it on some sort of social media!!

Pictures for the Week.
1-2- Lunch with the crew (my apartment)

3-9- Service and earthquake destruction

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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