Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokemon Go?


"PokemonGo, A Short Story"

Translated into English

Background: Elder Colton and Elder Metekingi are biking along the streets of Kumamoto, Japan, as they sees a young Japanese boy, probably high school age, wondering around with his phone up to his face. Seemingly lost, the boy is obviously zoned out of this world and into the world of his phone.

Elder Metekingi: "PokemonGO?"

Young Japanese Boy: "Yes! PokemonGO!!"

Elder Colton: "Cool! Can we see your Pokemon?"

Young Japanese Boy: "Of course!"

Elder Metekingi and Elder Colton then precede to make their way over to the boy and look at his phone.

Elder Metekingi: "WOW! You have sooo many Pokemon. What is your favorite?"

Young Japanese Boy: "Hmm...probably Garados!"

Elder Colton: "I love Garados! I played Pokemon all the time as a kid on my super cool Gameboy color."

Young Japanese Boy: "Cool, do you play PokemonGo?"

Elder Colton: "No, our phone is terrible."

Young Japanese Boy: "hahaha."

Elder Metekingi: Creative transition from PokemonGo into the Gospel.
The End

Well, that short story about sums up our week. EVERYONE is playing PokemonGo. Our church is for some reason marked on the map as a battle arena. Before we go to bed at 1030 at night, we can look out our window and see a group of 10 or so strangers wondering around our apartment, searching for Pokemon.

Luckily for us, everyone loves to show us their collection, and thus starts a very natural conversation! It is then very easy for us to transition it into why we are here and what our message is. Thanks PokemonGo!

Notes/Stories from the Week
  • Mission Leadership Conference
    • Because it was the beginning of the week, Elder Bunker and I had the opportunity to head to Fukuoka on Tuesday for some training from our missionary president, his wife, and the assistants. It's always a party (see pictures below). My big takeaways from the training were that we all simply need to love and respect each other more. Sister Egan talked about how true Christ-like charity means not getting frustrated with others when they mess up, but rather loving them for their strengths and building them back up like the Savior would. For those who know me well, I tend to get frustrated with others waaaay easily, so it was a kind, wake-up slap in the face to me :) 
    • President Egan spent his time talking about what it means to be a leader and representative of Jesus Christ. While leaders can talk and talk and talk, it is their actions and how they treat others that set the tone for their zone. I feel like it is the same for life.
  • Eikaiwa Food Party
    • On Saturday night we had an English class party at the church! We all made some delicious Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba (look those up!). Waaaay delicious. At the end we shared a spiritual message about how  God gives us all opportunities in this life, and how it is our responsibility to make the most of them. My incredible companion, Elder Metekingi, shared a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and how is has changed his life. We gave a copy to everyone there who didn't have one. Waaaay good time.

Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
The miracle for this week was the opportunity to do a baptism interview for an investigator that is getting baptized next Saturday. I say this humbly, but our message is big and bold. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the literal Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. Yes, that same primitive church that the very Jesus Christ set up on the earth. After centuries of God's true authority being lost on the earth, that authority by which Jesus Christ and His apostles performed miracles has been restored. As a full-time, set apart missionary, we have the tremendous responsibility to spread that truth to the world.

As representatives of Jesus Christ, one of our opportunities it to interview candidates who have a desire to come unto Christ through baptism. Our guide to missionary work, Preach My Gospel, explains it well. "The purpose of your teaching is to help others develop faith in Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. As Mormon taught, 'the first fruits of repentance is baptism' (Moroni 8:25). The baptismal interview is the way established by the Church to ensure that each candidate meets the Lord’s standards for baptism and is prepared to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Through this interview, baptismal candidates fulfill the scriptural requirement that they witness before an authorized representative of the Church that they have 'truly repented of all their sins' (D&C 20:37)". The fact that 18-25 year old young men have that opportunity is pretty incredible.

Long story short, this past week's interview was one of the most pleasant, spiritual experiences on the mission so far. It was a 50 or so year old man who had humbled himself before God and felt the redeeming love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Lord made it very clear to me through the Holy Ghost that this man was more than prepared to be baptized and enter into a covenant with God.

I love this work!

Video and Invitation for the Week
On the topic of Jesus Christ, the video for this week is a prophet of the Lord testifying of the divinity and reality of Jesus Christ. Please watch and send to a friend!

Pictures for the Week.
1- The bus ride from the train station to the mission home for leadership training!

2- Lunch with some of the zone

3- Reunited with Elder Rowe from the MTC! Literally one of the best people I've ever met!

4-5-  The English class party!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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