Tuesday, November 8, 2016

President and Sister Egan are fantastic!


Well this sure was a fantastic week! In my new position in the mission home I get to work with President and Sister Egan on a daily basis. Wow, they are fantastic people!

Notes/Stories from the Week 
  • Hello, Goodbye, Again
    • The worst part about transfers is saying goodbye to the friends you make from companions, investigators, and members. The hardest was probably the one and only Serville Choro. I had the opportunity to get trained a second time during my two transfers with him. Coming straight from the MTC, he had more dendo fire and faith than any missionary I`ve ever seen. Sadly, I often couldn`t keep up with him, but will never forget the lessons he taught me about the drive that comes from true faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Life in Honbu
    • My new trainer of sorts is the one and only Elder Krebs! He was my zone leader for my second through fourth transfers and has more energy than that squirrel in Ice Age :) He is always excited to do missionary work and lift up those around him. The plan is to replace him in a few weeks. 
  • Driving in Japan
    • For those who have ever tried to get a license in Japan, you know how ridiculously strict the license test is. It took our mission president only two tries, but another person in the office it took six tries and another 13...it is about an hour an a half drive out to the DMV and takes up pretty much the entire day, thus wasting a lot of time. Yesterday was my second time going, and I sure has heck did not want to go back. Elder Krebs told me he passed the day he decided to fast for it, so I decided to fast yesterday. Well, the power of fasting is real! For all my high school friends that drove with me, you know that  being smooth isn't a forte of mine, but with Gods help all things are possible!

Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
Miracles happen ever day here in the mission office, but the highlight has been working one on one with President Egan. One of the opportunities we have is helping him decide where each of the 207 missionaries in the mission should go for next transfer. It is honestly an overwhelming responsibility, as is effects the lives of every missionary as well as the salvation of souls in his part of the world. Luckily, President Egan has unbelievable faith and clearly knows how to receive revelation from our Heavenly Father. As we decide who should be where in the mission, it is incredible who the Spirit tells us the answer to every question we have. I have no doubt that this work is led by a kind and loving Heavenly Father who wants each and every one of His children to return to Him.

Video and Invitation for the Week
My computer currently isn't letting me watch this, but they look good! Please find one of these videos that look interesting to you (they look like a TedTalk type style), and share on social media if they turn out to rock!

Pictures for the Week.
Just 3 this week

Elder Yamanashi- my angel of a new companion

Elder Krebs- the stud I'm replacing

The rest of the office staff!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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