Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Power of the Scriptures


Great, fun week.

Notes/Stories from the Week
  • The District Meeting
    • One of my favorite parts of missionary work is weekly district meetings. In the Japan Fukuoka mission, districts are composed of 4-10 missionaries and led by a district leader, typically one of the more experienced missionaries in the district. My current district leader is Elder Whitmer ("Elder Brad Freaking Whitmer" as he refers to himself), who I served with in Kumamoto (see July - August at He has become one of the most down to earth, funny people I know. He is also one of our zone leaders and in my ward, so I work with him just about everyday. He's a party.
    • Anyways, this past week was his last district meeting before he heads home, and it was one of the best I've ever been to. As a district, we discussed our different motivations for why we continue to push through the mission when it gets hard, such as when you have one of those days where you are knocking doors for 9 hours a day and get rejected by nearly everyone :) Those days are rare, but do happen. From there we broke down the song, "Called to Serve" ( and discussed our purpose as missionaries.
    • He ended it by showing us a clip of Zion's camp (, one of the most important events in the restoration of the Gospel. For some reason, this was the part that hit home with me. I realized we must all go through out own "Zion's camp" to truly be converted to this Gospel. Once we start to understand that God's ways our higher than ours, and that the natural can't see God's ways, we can be humble enough to be patient through our trials and to give our all to God.
Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week

The longer I am on my mission, the more I appreciate the opportunity to study the scriptures. There is a very stark difference from the days where I start off the day with a solid, in depth, passionate study of the scriptures, verse the days where we are on the road or something comes up to where study time gets shortened. Recently I have been studying the life of Abinadi and Alma the Elder in the Book of Mormon and trying to understand what it was like for them to truly stand alone as disciples of Jesus Christ. I have also been studying and reflecting on the life of the New Testament Apostles who gave their lives to spreading this message. They are all incredible! For those reading this, you probably either strive to read the scriptures daily and understand what I am talking about, or are missing out on one of the best tools we have to reaching our full potential. It wasn't until recently that I learned the power of the scriptures. If I can start to get on board with it, so can any of you!

Video and Invitation for the Week

As I was studying the teachings of Abinadi this past week, I realized how he emphasized time and time again how life isn't a checklist of what we need to do to get into Heaven. Without the help of our Savior Jesus Christ, we are utterly helpless in returning to live with our Heavenly Father. Only through His grace and guidance can we accomplish what we came to this earth to do.
Christian or not, please visit this site and check out some of the articles or vidoes that seem interesting to you. 

Pictures for the Week.
1: SNOW! Lucky for us, the mission home is beneath the temple so we see this view every morning!

2: More snow! The view outside our apartment window.

3-4: Me and da boys. We were distracted with something...

5: Awkwardness. Too awkward to not share.

The other sets: Elder Yamanashi's last round of interviews!
Love you!!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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