Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Book of Mormon and a Special Man from Myanmar


Another great week in Fukuoka, Japan. The more I think about it, the more amazing it is to me that I've lived in Japan now for a year and a half. When I turned in my mission papers, I had absolutely no idea where the Lord would call me. Now I often forget that I myself don't quite belong here...Just this past week I saw a  "gaijin" (foreigner) on the street and thought to myself how much he stood how compared to the rest of us (us as in the Japanese).
Notes/Stories from the Week
  • The Book of Mormon
    • This past week on Tuesday at Missionary Leadership Council and at the first zone conference of the transfer, Elder Strickland and I had the opportunity to train and testify about the Book of Mormon. The basic message of our training was that "The Book of Mormon, combined with the Spirit, is your most powerful resource in conversion" (PMG 104). In the Book of Mormon, an ancient Prophet named Alma teaches his son that "these records and their words brought [thousands of the Lamanites] unto ... the knowledge of the Lord their God, and to rejoice in Jesus Christ their Redeemer" (Alma 37:9). Whether it was Ammon in Alma 18 or Aaron in Alma 22, they used the scriptures as the bulk of their teaching. The Lord has given us the Book of Mormon for our day, and thus we need to "use it as the main source for teaching the restored truth" (PMG 111). Here is a talk from a modern apostle about the importance of this book. I recommend watching the video! Yes, he is bold, but wouldn't you be to if you knew what he does? Let me know if you have any questions about it!
Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
Teton San! Teton is from Myanmar and is working here in Japan. I met him with Elder Krebs a few months ago, but after coming to church once he went back to Myanmar for a few months. This past week on a companion exchange with Elder Rawlinson, when we passed by his apartment on our bikes (our plan was to go to a completely different part of town), it was like a wall suddenly shot up in front of me as I slammed on my breaks. Then one of those "phone calls" I talked about a few weeks ago (See "Finding by the Spirit" on February 25 ( We feel very prompted to visit Teton (I hadn't been there in months), so we do. Sure enough, he is home and a completely different person from last time. We ask if he has time now for a lesson, and he ends up walking us to a nearby park. We have a 30 or so minute lesson about the basics of God and the Book of Mormon and what the Gospel can do for him. He is coming to church on Sunday!

Fast forward to last night, and Elder Strickland (my companion) feels we need to visit him. Sure enough, right after we knock on his door, he comes up the stairs with groceries. Perfect timing for Elder Strickland to meet him before Sunday.

Video and Invitation for the Week
If you are busy, here is a 60 second video for you that explains the basics of the Book of Mormon.

Pictures for the Week.
1: The last picture with Elder Yamanashi (previous companion).

2: The doki (all leaving Japan together)! left to right: Sister Rogers, me, Elder Strickland, Elder Barker, Elder Jensen.

3: The Shimonoseki primary! They came in last week! 

Have a great week!
Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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