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Notes/Stories from the Week
  • BEPPU!!!!
    • Well, I am now in a place called Beppu on the east coast of Kyushu! I love it here! My companion is Japanese and just came from the MTC. We are seeing miracles everyday here!
    • Beppu is about he opposite area as Fukuoka. It is a relatively small town with the smallest congregation in the mission. At church in Fukuoka, we typically had 150 or so members each week in a church building. We meet on the third floor of an office building with 15 or so each week, 5 of them being active members who come each week. I love it! There are some LDS students here at the college (APU) who are just starting to study Japanese. I got to translate for them yesterday which definitely makes church a much more meaningful experience. 
Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
Sugimoto San! She is a women in her 40s or so who has had a pretty rough life. The missionaries Elder Sekine and I replaced found her a few weeks ago. Yesterday we had a lesson with her about the basics of God and some of the ways he helps us (Christ, prophets, baptism, and prayer). She had some questions such as, "How do we know what is right and wrong is this life?" And "How can I know if this is true?" That the GOspel of Jesus Christ answers! She has set a goal to be baptized next month and is willing to come to church each week and put in the effort to figure out if this is true. We are excited for her. 

As for the lesson, it simply flowed. It was Elder Sekine's first real lesson and he handled it like a boss. He was actually the one who invited her to be baptized. In Mormon terms, we say that the Spirit let the lesson. What to say wasn't hard. God put the words into our mouth. Quick the miracle actually.

Video and Invitation for the Week
One video and one article for this week. The first talks about our Savior, the second talks about what faith in Him can do.

Pictures for the Week.
1: Nagoya- one of our investigators in Fukuoka

2: Elder Foust, one of the missionary couples down in Okinawa

3: the zoo!

4: the crew!

5: Practicing!

6: My companions and elder tofa after getting soaked on new missionary dendo day in Fukuoka.

7: New missionaries outside the temple

8: Sam and Effy! Gaijin in the fukuoka ward

9: Elder Ishikawa, the funniest Japanese person i know

10: the crew doing morning exercise!

Round 2
1-2: more asaundo- Elder Strickland is jacked

3-6: A tour of honbU!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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