Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Mothers Day!


Notes/Stories from the Week

Highlights of the week

Monday- for P-day Elder Ueno took us to a sweet park and to a famous onsen place. Beppu is famous for Onsen (hot spring spa's), but sadly as missionaries we can't enter. Still way cool though.

Tuesday- Lesson with Tanaka Kyodai, a member who is currently struggling with his faith. He wants to believe in God, but hasn't been able to recognize God's help in his life since he was baptized a few years ago.

Wednesday- Eikaiwa (English class)! About 12 or so people came. Elder Walbeck and I taught and had a blast doing it.

Thursday- Left at 6am for a zone training meeting in Kumamoto! That night I got to go n a companion exchange with Elder Metekingi, one of my old companions. We had the time of our lives. Saw tons of miracles and met tons of interested people. He called me today and said three of those we met they are still teaching! Ii haven't laughed that much during dendo in a while.

Friday- Four hour bus ride back to Beppu, and then some solid planning time for how we can help Beppu group. It is the smallest congregation in the mission and needs more solid members.

Saturday- The day of miracles! Met with a few members as well as Minh and Leo. Minh is from Vietnam and was found in Fukuoka from Elder Sherrill. He is a musical genius and we jammed out on the piano/guitar together some. He played a version of "You had a friend in me" on the guitar and it was incredible! He was more interested in being friends than in the message, but way good experience.
Leo is a college student who is looking for a Christian community here in Beppu. Fluent in both English and Japanese. We gave him a Book of Mormon and send him scriptures to read each night (My friend Brad always did this with the Bible in high school. Thanks for the idea Bart!).

Sunday- Went to the Oita ward for church in a GORGEOUS building. I don't have a picture yet, but I will try to send a picture next week. The Beppu group goes to church there once a month.

Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
The companion exchange with Elder Metekingi was honestly fantastic. We didn't always see eye to eye when we were companions, so it was great to be able to give it our all one more time together. We walked the streets of Kumamoto for about 6 hours total that day, and talked to countless people about our message. When my friend Ashton finished his mission in Mexico a year or so ago, I asked him what he would miss most about it. He said it was being able to going up to random strangers on the street and making them laugh and cheer them up. I now completely understand! ELder Metekingi is hilarious and was making everyone we talked to laugh. Once the mood was light, introducing the gospel was easy. 

Video and Invitation for the Week
As your all know (If not, this is your reminder), today is Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to al the mothers and those who have played a motherly role in the lives of many. I may be biased, but mama Jeri Colton is pretty darn cool. Not many mothers could put up with me, but I'll be forever greatever for a kind, loving, patient mother who has never given up on me. Love you, Mom!

Here is a video about mothers. THere are a few on this page, so please explore and then send your mother the one you think she would enjoy the most!

Pictures for the Week
Note from the editor ... Elder Colton didn't send any pictures this week.
1: SOme friends we met on P-day. They have been bikingaround Japan for 2 years of so now. Quite the bros.
2-6: The hot springs
7: Raman from Sapporo (where my comp is from).
8: spending the day with elder metekinig and his apartment in Kumamoto! Elder metekingi is the one in the back giving the thumbs up.,
9: A picture from the bus ride back.  

The amazing park!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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