Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Free Food, Cool Investigators, and Still an Uncle - The Life!


Overall, fantastic week! I'm still an uncle, I'm still in Japan, and I found out today I'll be staying will Elder Sekine for another transfer (six week). Thus, I can't complain. Life is good!
Notes/Stories from the Week
-Lots of great parts of the week:

1) My companion got sick this past week, so yesterday went on splits with the others elders in the apartment while Elder Sekine stayed with the missionary couple. The highlight was a lesson at night with a Japanese college student trying to figure out the purpose of life. As the lesson started, two Germans came up the stairs and started to talk with us! They were actually staying at his place for free! It's called coach surfing and sounds like quite the deal. Erika, one of the Germans, had actually been to a Mormon party before and knew the basics of our beliefs! Way cool person.

Anyways, we taught what we call the Plan of Salvation (where we came from, why we are here, and after life where we are going).  He loved it and accepted the invitation to be baptized next month! We are excited to continue to work with him!

2) Ken! He is from Ghana and is quite the stud. Fluent in both English and Chinese! Very strong faith in Christ and loved the Book of Mormon when we introduced it to him.

3) Another free meat party after district meeting (see pictures).

4) Had an investigator who hated the idea of prayer growing up (grew up Buddhist), pray for the first time at the end of a lesson. Small miracle to some, but huge miracle for us!

Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
Last week I got a call from one of the Samoan college student members of the group saying that her friend from Fiji is interested in learning about what we believe and will be coming to church on Sunday. It turns out that church this past week was at Oita (we go there once a month) and that there was a meal after it. Thus, he spent from 9am to around 4pm with us learning about our believes. His name is Lex and he is pretty incredible. He is trying to figure out spiritual truths in this life, and was fascinated by our beliefs. Elder Walbeck and I taught him the message of the restoration and I loved it! English speaking missionaries don't know how great they have it! Lex is way laid back, so teaching by the Spirit was very easy. For some reason, teaching in English makes it more powerful for me. We are meeting with him again this week. Please pray for him!

Video and Invitation for the Week
Message and blog about families! Please read and share!

Pictures for the Week.
1-2: Tsukiyaki party after district meeting! Thanks Nishizono Kyodai!!!

3: Brother Sato! After district meeting each week we pick up trash with some of the group members. Brother Sato is one of them!

4: The district wearing all of Elder Mean's birthday presents. The training was on faith and we managed to use all of the presents throughout the training.

5-6: Went on a comp exchange this past week with Elder Chesnut. We decided to wake up a little early to go and do some trail running. Sadly, the bike ride to get to the trail took longer than expected, so it ended up being a 40 minute bike ride up a mountain, and then flying back in about 10. Way fun.

7: The oita church!

In a not racist way, I now understand why in my middle school and high school band/orchestra most for the most skilled performers were from Eastern Asia countries. This is a normal middle school band that practices as a band everyday. That is normal here is Japan. Everything from school clubs to an adult's profession is often everyday. The Japanese culture and idea of what hard work is compared to America's is very different. This band was incredible! Blew my middle school band out of the water.

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン 長老

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