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304 New Friends, The Holy Ghost, and Ping Pong dendo!


As many of you know, this will probably be the last email from me! For those who have been receiving these emails for the past two years, thank you for joining me on this two year journey. I thought about doing a sappy "last week" email, but this was just another week in the mission field :)
I might get some thoughts together and send out one more next week, but in the mean time, this was a way awesome week!

Notes/Stories from the Week
-500 contact week: As missionaries, our soul purpose is to invite others to come unto Jesus Christ. Each week we seek for and teach those interested in the message. This past week, Elder Sekine and I decided to set a goal to talk to 500 people (people we meet on the street or at their homes) and share a little bit about the Gospel. We ended up only talking to 304 people, but the miracles from the week were incredible! Tons of young people met with a few that we have already met up with again and started teaching them the message that will change their lives!
-Lessons: Some of those lessons included a lesson with a exchange student from Canada who has lost his faith in God and is trying to regain it and a crazy energetic high school student who is a beast at pingpong (see picture below).

Miracle/"Tendy Mercy" for the Week
-"Over the past two years, I have often talked about something called the "Holy Ghost," the third members of the Godhead that fills a number of vital roles. Before baptism, this largely includes testifying to us that the gospel is true. After baptism, we are able, when worthy, to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. These "Gift of the Holy Ghost" has allowed me on the mission to be strengthened, comforted, and led. Yesterday was on of the strongest examples of this I have had so far.

This will be a bit long, but this is what I wrote in my journal:
"Wow, great day and total change of pace. Tons of miracles. Today actually sums up one of the main lessons I've learned on my mission, how to follow the Spirit.

Tomorrow is P-day, but today was hokokus (weekly call in reports). Thus, 7am-8:30am was hokokus, after which was trying to catch up to the others in the apartment on the morning schedule.

My personal study was thus cut short, and then made even short when I felt a prompting to, "Go into another room and pray, I need to tell you something."

Thus, Ii got up from my desk and walked into the tatami room. After starting my prayer with thanks, a very direct prompting came to me to write my testimony in a Book of Moromon and then bring it to Kirk and Rebecca, a young American couple who I have met a few times and live close by, tonight. Writing that testimony then took up the rest of my personal study.

The morning and mid-afternoon were a bit scattered because 1) my brakes died and we had to go to the bike shop to get them fixed, and 2) making banana bread for Tanaka Kyodai, a les-active, took longer than expected.

The first big miracle was as we were headed to Tanaka Kyodai's house. We planned on the way back to stop by the apartment of a former investigator, Tarui. I felt the prompting, however, to visit Tarui first. After talking with my comp, we decided to bike up the huge hill to his house and visit him first (Oh, and this is all in downpouring rain :) ).

Sure enough, right after we got to his apartment on the fourth floor and prayed, he walked up the stairs coming back from school! Our lessons in the past were always with him behind the door and the chain in so we could only see his face! We got to finally meet him! Literally PERFECT timing! He still doesn't have tons of interest, but meeting him in person like that was a miracle. The ice has been broken!

We then biked to Tanaka Kyodai's house and dropped off his birthday present. As we started going back, I felt we needed to go a route we had never been before. As we did, we found a way kinjin(prepared) Chinese guy who has met missionaries before. We got his number and set up an appointment for Sunday. Miracle number two for the day!

We then went out to eat with a potential investigator (Chichi) who lived in Utah for a year in high school and has been on trek! We haven't met with her for a while and wanted to get a feel for where she was. (I wrote more in my journal, but long story short, she has a very strong testimony in both God and Christ's church. Way cool and tons of potential. See picture below!).

Afterwords we followed our plan to visit another potential investigator, but on the way felt to stop by a prior investigator who we haven't been able to contact for two months. Sure enough, the daughter opened the door and we were able to set up an appointment for Saturday.

As soon as we left (about 8:20pm), I realized that we had forgot about visiting Kirk and Rebecca! We raced home, marked a few scriptures in the Book of Mormon were going to give to them, and then headed to their apartment. Again, perfect timing! They were just leaving. We were able to give them the Book of Mormon with my testimony inside and they said they'd be able to meet next Saturday with the other Elders.

The Spirit is so real! Elder Sekine and I were on the same page, calm, and willing to do anything, thus the Spirit could speak to us."

I've said this before, but, coincidence? I think not! Please take a second to imagine what it would be like if everyday you could receive guidance like that from God, the  most glorious being in the Universe. He allowed us to do sooo much more than we could have by ourselves. That is one of the beauties of this Gospel!

Video and Invitation for the Week
I first saw this video in the Missionary Training Center and was attached to it from the beginning. It focuses on the central message we share, that Christ lives. Please watch the video and then visit the website below to learn about more about why that is important to us in our everyday lives.

Pictures for the Week.
Two Sets this week!
Set 1- All the companions! Elder Madson, Elder Powell, Elder Mismash, Elder Sherrill, Elder Hirose, Elder Metekingi, Elder Serville, Elder Krebs (3 weeks), Elder Yamanashi, Elder Strickland, Elder Sherrill (3 weeks), Elder Sekine!!!

Set 2:
1: Pingpong with "Holy" that is what his kanji means and Alma Kyodai!

2: Ramonia and Natalia! Two way awesome members from Samoa who go to a college here!

3: Dinner with Chichi! 

Video 1:
Elder Kang's dancing at district meeting!

Love you!

Elder Kevin Cash Colton
Japan Fukuoka Mission

ケビン C. コルトン

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